Keep on keepin’ on

I decided to try and post on Wednesdays.  They’re my weigh-in day for Weight Watchers, and they’re right in the middle of the week, so I’m not trying to collect my thoughts on a hectic Monday or a brain-dead Friday.

I started Weight Watchers on June 6, so it’s been 5 weeks (and 2 days).  I’ve lost 18 pounds.  That feels pretty good.


However, I’ve had a lot of rough days lately.  Going way over budget because something I ate had a much higher points value than I estimated… getting discouraged because progress on long-term goals takes SO. FREAKING. LONG… or not quite sticking to my triathlon training schedule, even though Coach Irondad still has me “building a base” (aka taking it extremely easy).  Lately, it feels like I have just as many days feeling down, tired, and unsuccessful as I do feeling great, high energy, and pleased with my progress. If anyone has tips for shifting focus and staying positive, I am all ears!



3-pronged approach

Today I plunked down $70 for 4 months of Weight Watchers.  I’m… optimistic?  Almost any health/nutrition plan works if you can stick with it and make it a lifestyle change, rather than a “diet.”  The tricky part is finding something that fits that description for you.

I’m already trying to figure out how to keep my (210-day!) streak in MyFitnessPal going while on WW, though, because hell if I’m gonna track everything I eat, drink and do in both places.  Just no.


Weight Watchers for food, triathlon training for exercise, and my 25+ years of weight loss research and trial and error for everything else.  Like, I know it’s important to drink enough water and get enough sleep.  I know not to self-sabotage with all-or-nothing thinking.  I know I can reference my long list of proven delicious healthy recipes.

I just have to do it.


I’m trying to approach goal-setting differently than I have in the past… instead of calculating and setting dates by which I want to have lost X amount of weight, I’m going to try having short, medium, and long-term goals (in addition to my ultimate goal of being fit and resting at my healthy goal weight).

  • Current short-term goal: weigh less than 235 pounds by my burlesque performance on August 3.
  • Medium-term goal: weigh less than 210 pounds for my half-Ironman on December 5.
  • Long-term goal: weigh about 140 pounds.

63% of a Workout is Better than 0%

Man, this week has been kind of a shitshow on the weight loss/triathlon training adventure. I missed my workouts Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Today, I went to the pool, but only because my coworker was meeting me there (for which I am so, so grateful!), but I got there late and was only able to do 1400 meters out of the 2400 yards that were on my program before I had to leave for work.



On the plus side, even though I was at the pool with all the SRS BSNS athletes, I managed to overcome my self-consciousness and do flip turns most of the time. My OTHER coworker, who used to be a competitive swimmer, taught me last week. My flip turns are pretty sloppy and I’m sure quite entertaining to watch, but I am doing a somersault at the end of the lane and a few seconds later I am swimming in the other direction, so… win?

I am considering another mini-challenge on this blog where I report in every day, but just about my training. I REALLY want to form the habit of doing all of my weekday workouts before work.  The reasons for this are sixfold:

  • Snooze-sleep is not good sleep anyway, and that’s what I currently do between 5am (when I intend to get up and exercise) and 6:30am (when I actually have to get up and start getting ready)
  • Very little can interfere with pre-work plans, but things can and often do come up in the evenings (having to work late, social plans, errands to run, just plain tired, etc.)
  • The things I want to do are always available in the mornings (pools are open, running outside isn’t as hot, it’s not too dark to bike safely)
  • Training after work means having to find motivation and get-up-and-go… TWICE. I have to do it in the morning anyway to start the day, but having to do it AGAIN after work increases my chances of flaking on myself dramatically
  • I feel good and have more energy throughout the day when I exercise in the morning
  • It would mean no stupid calorie checkbook projections!  When I plan to work out in the evening, I’ll often pre-enter my planned exercise into MyFitnessPal to see how many calories I have available for snacks, dinner, etc. Guess what often happens? I’ll eat the calories, but not do the workout. Fail.

So, I think I’ll try that, starting next week.  Til then, everyone!

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 16



Post-burlesque show selfie taken last night; our theme was “spies” and I did a number as Agent 99 from Get Smart!



  • 1961 daily net average – pretty consistent with last week, corresponding with an exactly consistent result on the scale. Coincidence? Probably not.


  • 30 min or more of walking every work day
  • completed four of my six scheduled training workouts; some of them were DOOZIES!
  • total of 2.56 mi swimming, 40 mi biking, 5.11 mi running

Game Plan

  • 65 points out of 100, a D


  • Waist: 39.5″     Last: 40.5″     Highest: 42″
  • Hips: 46.5″     Last: 46.5″     Highest: 50″


  • Today: 222.4     Last Week: 221.8     Highest: 242

Dammit! There’s no way to say this without it sounding like excuses, but I really think I basically maintained my weight this week (+0.6 again), but I gave in to the stress and busy-ness of yesterday’s burlesque show and did some comfort-eating and some workout-skipping. This week is off to a better start, though: we ordered lunch from CPK in celebration of Administrative Professionals Day, and I chose a roasted veggie salad. Go me!

Weigh-in Wednesday: Week 15

I’m finding it a little hard to believe that we are in the middle of April. 3 1/2 months into 2014! That’s nuts.

As you know, the theme for this week is getting back into the regular swing of this blog. And that means today you get a weekly progress update!







  • 1923 daily net average – a couple of really high days (pre-race “carb-loading”! Passover seder!) and some good ones. This is the area I most need to work on and be consistent about.


  • 30 min or more of walking every work day
  • all training workouts as prescribed EXCEPT a missed bike on Wednesday, and I added a swim I was trying to make up from the previous week
  • total of 2.21 mi swimming, 27.8 mi biking, 9.8 mi running…
  • …which includes finishing an Olympic distance triathlon!

Game Plan

  • 69 points out of 100, a D+


  • Waist: 40.5″     Last: 40.75″     Highest: 42″
  • Hips: 46.5″     Last: 47″     Highest: 50″


  • Today: 221.8     Last Week: 221.2     Highest: 242

So, yeah – the week’s obvious high was finishing the HITS Napa Olympic distance triathlon. My time was 4 hours and 30 minutes, which is unimpressive to say the least. But Coach Irondad was pleased with my effort and I had fun out there, so I’m okay with that. Full race report tomorrow!

As usual, food is my “Needs Improvement” area. I gained about half a pound this week – not a big deal, but it’s the wrong direction. I’ve got to minimize my indulgences and keep working on good habits, even though life is busy and varied.



Conclusion: The Two-Week Experiment

Day 12 – Thursday, April 10

  • Weight: 221.2
  • Net Calories: 1125
  • Exercise: 30 minutes of walking, a 45-minute run/walk on the treadmill, and a 1550 yard swim (it was supposed to be 1800, but I got a wicked calf cramp)

This morning’s weight was 221.2 again; my grand total weight loss for my two-week experiment was 5.8 pounds. Not earth-shattering, but some solid progress and hey – that’s nearly 6 pounds I won’t be dragging around with me on Sunday. (If you don’t think that’s a big deal, try doing your next run holding three-pound hand weights.)

Have a great weekend, everyone! The Game Plan will be back to its regularly scheduled programming on Monday.